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Change Management

General idea of ​​the program

This intensive change management program is designed for project team members to assist them in analyzing, planning, designing, developing and implementing a strategy and plan to effectively and successfully manage change in their organizations. Participants in the program will learn the concepts, theories, methodology and tools needed to implement change. The program also covers best practices and studies, the psychology for change, the ADKAR model and the three stages of the change management process:

  • Preparing for change
  • Change Management
  • Promoting change


Program Goals

  • Understanding the importance of the participants’ role in driving successful change of themselves and their employees.
  • Learning about the ADCAR model and how to use it.
  • Identifying the strong relationship between change management and project success
  • Understanding the organizational change methodology
  • Understanding the role of effective executive care.
  • Ability to build support among leaders
  • The success of the projects


Program themes

  • An introduction on change management
  • The three change cases
  • Change management process
  • Creating a framework for successful projects
  • Evaluating the Prusai Triangle for change
  • The success of projects and initiatives depends on the effectiveness of change management
  • Highlighting best practices from results of research and studies
  • Results of studies: what contributes and hinders success
  • Prosai methodology for managing organizational change
  • Characteristics of change and organization
  • Risk assessment in change management
  • Saturation in change and its consequences
  • Prosci Risk Model
  • The effectiveness of sponsorship is directly related to the success of the project
  • High executive care
  • Sponsor evaluation
  • Sponsors Assessment Scheme
  • The role of executives in managing change
  • CEO’s biggest mistakes
  • Prosci Change Management Maturity Model for Organizations
  • Key roles in managing change
  • The role of managers and supervisors
  • The ADKAR Personal Change Model
  • Evaluating adkar for personal and practical change
  • Overview of Change Management Methodology
  • The first stage: preparing for change
  • The second stage: change management
  • The third stage: promoting change



Target group

  • Chief Executives
  • Deputy CEO
  • Change leaders
  • Change Managers
  • Change coordinators
  • Continuous Excellence Consultants
  • Reorganization and merger coordinators
  • Those responsible for organizational change or new IT systems
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