Gold Package (Green Belt 6 Sigma - Project Management PMP - Change Management) - 990 SAR

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Fundamentals of kpi performance indicators

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The overall goal of the program

The ability of trainees to write and evaluate performance indicators in a scientific way and in accordance with the best international practices


Acquired knowledge

  • The concept of performance management and organizational excellence
  • The concept of performance indicators and their types
  • Knowing the goals and how to formulate them in a scientific way
  • How to develop performance indicators development?
  • Learning about indicators development tools, and the features of each tool
  • Steps to develop performance indicators


Acquired skills

  • Writing goals and desired results in a scientific way
  • Development of performance indicators
  • Learning about indicators development tools, and the features of each tool
  • Development of alternative indicators
  • Development of composite indicators when needed
  • Indicators Selection Criteria (Indicator Quality)
  • Scientific methods for determining targets
  • Harmonization of indicators
  • Building operational indicators
  • Performance analysis and improvement
  • Submitting performance reports


Target group

This program is the ideal choice for CEOs, strategy managers, workflow managers, performance executives, project managers, operations managers, and other business leaders who want to ensure the effectiveness and efficiency of the organization’s performance, in a way that ensures the achievement of the organization’s strategic goals.

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