Gold Package (Green Belt 6 Sigma - Project Management PMP - Change Management) - 990 SAR

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Project Management PMP - PMI

Program description

This program is designed to introduce trainees to the PMI methodology, and to qualify them to enter the PMP exam.


The general goal

The overall goal is to enable the trainees to successfully pass the PMP exam.


Program Goals

  • Raising awareness of the importance of PMP certification at work and in professional and career development
  • Studying the methodology of the American Global Project Management Institute (PMI).
  • Developing the ability to professionally manage projects to qualify trainees to do their own projects
  • Better control over budgets, material and human resources for projects
  • Increasing the quality and reliability of enterprise products
  • Improving customer service
  • Providing trainees with an unlimited set of skills, such as: planning, leadership, control, time management, dealing with people, risk management, solving problems and difficulties and achieving goals quickly and efficiently.


Program themes

  • Integration plan for all parts of the project
  • The goal and scope plan of the project
  • The time and scheduling plan of the project
  • The cost plan of the project
  • The quality plan
  • The human resource plan
  • The communications plan
  • The risk plan
  • The procurement and Supply Plan
  • The stakeholder definition plan


Target group

Project managers, employees working in the project management field, project sponsors, senior management, and employees who plan to participate in any stage of project management. This course is equivalent to 30 Professional Development Units.

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