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Design Thinking

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Design Thinking is a solution-based approach and innovation focused primarily on people. It is a five-step process: observation, visualization, modeling, testing, and implementation. Design Thinking places the people we design for at the center of the process and invites them to create concrete solutions.

Design Thinking is a unique methodology for:

  • Achieving sustainable development goals.
  • Building on empathy.
  • The embodiment of an idea.
  • It adopts approaches that combine analysis and sensation (intuition).
  • It mainly directs towards desired solutions that are viable and sustainable.
  • It can be adopted by the people concerned with the problem themselves.


Training Themes

  • What is design thinking?
  • Why design thinking?
  • Redundancy in design thinking
  • People-centered design, a phased thinking process
  • What is the model?
  • Why a model?
  • What can we model?
  • How do we model?
  • Service diagram
  • How are innovation opportunities monitored?
  • Business model
  • the test
  • Feedback?
  • Implementation
  • work plan
  • Monitoring and evaluation


Target group

This program is for everyone who is curious about and enjoys analyzing business models and exchanging views on them. It is not possible to understand the future of business without thinking about alternatives, but this thinking must be systematic and clear. This is the secret behind the excellence of our program, as it provides you with tools and methodologies that have proven their ability to activate thinking outside the box to lead institutions to success and excellence.

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