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Governance, risk and compliance

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Program Goals

  • Understanding risk management, its application and context within the organization.
  • Understanding how risks are identified, assessed and managed
  • Supporting strategies, business strategies, operational strategies, and enterprise project strategies.
  • Appreciating the importance of the risk management process
  • Providing a brief overview of traditional global processes, guidelines and standards
  • Explaining how to use structured thinking and critical thinking to solve risk management problems
  • Explaining how to develop and evaluate risk management alternatives to support better risk management decisions
  • Explaining why risk management is one of the primary elements used in achieving business goals and KPIs
  • Communicating effective risk management features to your team


Program themes

The first theme:

  • The intellectual framework for the concept of corporate governance
  • Objectives and concepts
  • Principles and rules of corporate governance
  • The added value of organizational governance: How do we benefit from governance and how does it work?
  • Principles of the Organization of Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) governance.
  • The importance of governance for the organization and investors.


The second theme:

  • Risk management: key principles, concepts, definitions and objectives.
  • The cycle and steps of the risk management process.
  • Types and divisions of risk management.
  • Risk Control Self-Assessment.
  • Self-assessment methodology for risk management.
  • Basic risk indicators.


The third theme:

  • Key performance indicators.
  • Business Continuity Plan – Contingency Plan and the difference between them.
  • The role of the internal audit department in the success of governance.
  • Internal audit department: responsibilities, tasks and goals.
  • The modern thought of internal auditing: internal audit from a risk perspective.
  • The role of the Compliance Department in the success of governance.


The fourth theme:

  • Governance Committees.
  • Audit Committee – terms of reference and tasks.
  • The role of audit committees in supporting the implementation of organizational governance.
  • Risk Management Committee.
  • Nomination and Remuneration Committee.
  • Social responsibility of organizations.


The Fifth theme:

  • Challenges and difficulties in implementing governance.
  • External parties and organizational governance.
  • External auditing.
  • Insider parties and organizational governance.
  • Internal Auditing.


Target group

  • Board members and chief financial officers
  • Senior management directors, executives, finance directors, and financial controllers
  • Accounting, finance and legal advisors’ staff
  • Company secretaries, attorneys, and external and internal auditors
  • Human resource managers
  • Compliance, governance and risk management departments staff and department heads.
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