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Business process management program

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About the program

The Business Process Management (BPM) program is designed in order to improve business performance efficiently and effectively through the methodology of improving processes and methods of documenting procedures. It aims to assist all personnel working in the organization in achieving the goals required of them by adopting the concept of work on methodologies for improvement and documentation of processes and procedures. It is concerned with speeding up business, reducing costs and saving effort, while maintaining quality as a fixed framework in managing work procedures.


The overall goal of the program

Mastering the competencies needed in managing work processes through professional methodologies related to the skills of improving processes and documenting procedures.


Program Goals

  • Basic concepts in business process management.
  • Formulating goals and building performance indicators.
  • Designing and drawing data flow diagram for procedural processes.
  • Process improvement methodology.
  • Methodology of documenting work procedures.


Detailed goals

By the end of the program, the trainee will be able to:

  • Improve operations by focusing on a professional methodology for improvement processes in accordance with best management practices.
  • Document procedures through a professional methodology in accordance with best administrative practices.
  • Gain the skill of building and designing a process and procedure drawing diagram.
  • Accurately analyze actual business performance and simplify the processes and procedures assigned to them.
  • Acquire basic and effective skills in managing work teams concerned with improvement and documentation methodology.
  • Professionally formulate goals and build performance measurement indicators.


Target group:

The program offers a comprehensive introduction to the skills and mechanisms used in analyzing, reassessing, and improving business processes. It is designed for business analysts, as well as those responsible for planning, analysis and design in the business and IT fields, especially if their organizations are managed by business processes. It is also useful to workers in the areas of quality management, specialists in the (6 Sigma) methodology, project managers, human resources experts, and change management workers. In this program, all these professionals will find knowledge that will polish their experiences and benefit them in their work.

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