Gold Package (Green Belt 6 Sigma - Project Management PMP - Change Management) - 990 SAR

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Certified programs

From the Technical and Vocational Training Corporation and from international organizations

Professional trainers

Highly qualified and internationally accredited

Variety in training

Keeping up with the requirements of the Saudi labor market

  • Our Mission

    We provide management consulting, developmental training and development in various sectors to raise productivity in accordance with quality standards, which contributes directly to the development of manpower and of national organizations.

    Our Vision

    Achieving the Vision of 2030: to be among the first five Saudi companies working to transfer knowledge, develop personal skills and creative capabilities of individuals and organizations and to be one of the leading economic entities in the field of consulting and training that contribute to achieving development distinctively and efficiently in the Middle East.

  • Our Strategy

    We work on specialized programs approved by the General Organization for Technical and Vocational Training and by international and global bodies. Our Professional Training Center is based on 3 pillars that make it a distinct edifice in building skills and capabilities.

    • 1.Needs assessment

      A set of tools to measure the level of maturity of the organization and individuals

    • 2.Designing appropriate solutions

      Designing appropriate developmental training and consulting solutions

    • 3. Transferring knowledge

      Providing advisory and training support to the organization’s employees to transfer knowledge

  • Distinction


    Our belief in excellence reflects our passion and commitment to strive to provide the best solutions for our clients.



    The desired positive results and outcomes for our partners through implementing a practical methodology.



    We stress professionalism in all our work. We have faith in the purpose of our existence and in our competencies and skills, which is reflected in our behavior at work.



    Partnership that leads to achieving what our different types of customers aspire for.



    Investing in building competencies and capabilities to develop performance.

    Our social responsibility

    Our social responsibility

    Cooperation and partnership with everyone to serve the society and the nation.

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