Who We Are

 Professional Taining Center was established a presents a new vision of the Saudi labor market kept pace with the development and ongoing work of strategic partnerships with educational institutions and companies, and private sector institutions and updates according to the Ministry of Lab ..

Our Vision

To get the best professional degrees and excellence in the provision of training programs associated with hiring private cutting services, and educational programs the university, the best level of service and less cost and the link between companies and the private sector institutions and student w ..

Our Mission

Contribute to the building of a society is able to reach the highest levels of education and training and through the creation of partnerships between educational institutions and the community to be training outputs with distinct performance standards.

Our Goals

Acquistion trainee the opportunity to practice all educational skills in a scientific scale.
Create trainee and encouraged him to get the best productivity with a distinct practice.  
The allocation of advanced training programs adapted from the best private sector companies
The development of trainee skills with professional ways under active and productive environment

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